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Our Works
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Batte For Skyark project poster
Super Express
Film directed and written by about children fighting monsters on the destroyed earth.
Batte For Skyark project poster
10,000 Miles
Film directed and written by about a young, fearless runner.
Batte For Skyark project poster
Battle for Skyark
Film directed and written by .
poster of matte painting work Dream Flight
Dream Flight
Film directed by Khan Lee. Inspired by the story of a Taiwaness pilot.
poster for matte painting project AMP
A Triton Films directed and written by Adam Marisett.
LightRay commercial poster
Historical Development of Chiayi
Historical Development of Chiay is a documentary for the opening of Southern Branch of National Palace Museum.
LightRay commercial poster
Monster Hunt
Monster Hunt is a feature filme directed by Raman Hui.
LightRay commercial poster
Tell The World
A story about despair, identity, faith, hope and trust.
Batte For Skyark project poster
The Tenants Downstairs
A Taiwanese black comedy-fantasy-mystery-drama film based on Taiwanese writer Giddens Ko's novel of the same name.
Batte For Skyark project poster
Everything But A Man
Directed by Nnegest Likké about a successful career woman has a life-changing romance.
LightRay commercial poster
Four episodes mini series about alien attacting.
LightRay TV series
Material Queen
A popular TV series aired all across Asia.
Concept Art
Our other works
This page including all our other works.
Feature Film
A sweet and simple film about the entwined paths of two 19-year-olds
digital painting short film
From Inside Out
This is a short film Directed by Jonah West and Clarity West.
3D short film
2010 International Flora Expo
3D stereo animated short film shown at 2010 Internation Flora Expo.
animation short film
Monkey King
An animated short film about old Chinese tale.
short film post
The Tarot Reading
A businessman goes to a tarot card reader hoping for advice on the stock market, but...