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About LightRay
tag-icon Who We Are
Welcome to LightRay FX!

Founded in 2008, Lightray has been producing a wide range of visual effects for top productions all around the globe including US, China, Singapore, and Europe. Our experience includes commercials, music videos, TV shows and feature films, for names like Asus Computers, the Tennis Channel, SYM motors and many more.

Located in Taipei, Taiwan, we are at the heart of the growing vfx industry in Asia. Developed over many years, our simple but effective pipeline has made working on productions from anywhere in the world a fun and creative process. Founded by Canadian artists Jonah and Poshin West, they bring over 12 years of visual effects experience to LightRay. In 2007, their work on TV series "TIN MAN" was nominated for a VES award for Outstanding Digital Environments.

Having a core team of talented artists is the backbone of our studio. Through our internships and training programs we work with artists to develop both their technical knowledge as well as their eye for light, color and composition. Clients are frequently impressed by the value we provide and the consistent quality of our work. We're continuously expanding and growing our abilities and we're excited to take on every challenge that each new project brings.

tag-icon Our Mission
Our Mission is to bring your vision to it's full potential in the most cost-efficient and timely manner.

By working closely with our clients all the way from Pre to Post-Production, we help them understand the vfx process and how they can get the most for their money. We believe in always giving more than what's expected. By continually improving every facet of our business, we can provide you with the best service. We create a happy and healthy environment for artists to thrive and produce extraordinary work. We're passionate about our work because we love what we do and we're following our dreams. Above all, we always try to have fun and stay creative.

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