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concept painting
Concept Design
Concept design is the first step turn a idea to visual. Based on script or vision that filmmaker have, our artists start drawing these concept in order to understand and see what director see.

Although concept art usually quite rough so that it can change very easy and very quickly, it still need to show the color tone, the composition, and the design of a scene to make sure this is the vision of filmmaker before go any further. Lock down the design of the scene at this stage could make sure the project stay in budget and deadline.

concept painting
Story Board / 3D previz
Story board help to get the camera position, composition and the timing. 3D previz is like an animated story board used on more complicated scene or large camera moving in order to see the scene before shooting and be prepared.

Story board usually only drawing outline and 3D previz usually without texture, lighting and shown only rough render. But both act as shooting guild provide a blueprint for filmmakers. With this step, we can preview and prepare for what might happen and limit down the potential mistakes.  

concept painting
On set supervise / VFX design
Don't have experience shooting visual effects elements? We are here to help. Have a VFX supervisor on set, we make sure that there is enough information for tracking, green/blue screen is well light that easy to key, and many others so that mistakes are limited down.

LightRay works closely with filmmakers to help design the VFX shot. We make sure that the story been told and the vision been seen. We suggest the best approach and solution where VFX could help increase the quality, save budget and time.

concept painting
Matte painting / Digital Environment
Matte painting and digital environment are our professional specialty. From fantacy scenery where can't be filmed to window replacement to pretend to be certain location, matte painting is one of the oldest techinque in visual effects for film and one of the most often used, too.

With 3D technoligy improving, matte painting could be projected in 3D scene and allow big movement of camera. This way we can keep the realistic look and fast render benefit of matte painting plus camera fly through like a 3D environment. When a scene need to be used several times, build a 3D digital environment will be a good approach.

concept painting
Visual effects
LightRay is a full service visual effects company. Our service including 3D modeling, texturing, animating, lighting, rendering, and special effects including fluid, clothes, and partical.

Animated 3D character or creature, tornado, earthquake, shattering, disaster, water splashing and flowing, those are more obviously visual effects and we have a brilliant team for these.

concept painting
Compositing could be the first step and the last step of a shot. It start from keying, tracking and roto (a process seprate unwanted background from actors). When all the 2D or 3D elements ready, it's compositing bring everything together and final touch.

Compositing is really important step because it's where everything brought together. LightRay's artists have years of experience and very great eyes. Works are more outstanding and realistic with our compositing team.