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Our Works
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Toyota Highlander project poster
Toyota Highlander
A commercial for promoting the new Toyota Highlander.
LightRay commercial poster
Magic World II
A very ambition commercial for the launch of Magic World II online.
matte painting environment
LIMA Scooter
This commercial is based on "2012" concept for LIMA new electric scooter.
LightRay matte painting
SYM Motorcycles
A commercial for promoting the new SYM Fighter Motorbike.
LightRay commercial poster
Queen's Blade Online
A very furturist look commercial for online game Queen's Blade.
LightRay commercial poster
Airwaves Super
A commerical for Airwaves Super, a leading brand mint gum company.
Concept Art
Our other works
This page including all our other works.
Digital environment commercial
Formosa Watch
Father's Day promo for Formosa Watch Co.
3D environment commercial
US Open 2011
LightRay created a digital stadium for Tennis Channel's promo of the 2011 US Open.
matte painting environment
2011 Taipei Art Expo
LightRay created this motion graphics commercial for the 2011 Taipei Art Expo.