LightRay FX

LightRay FX is a Taipei based, visual effects studio founded in 2009.

As visual effects artists, our top priority is to help tell your story and support your vision. We take great pride in our work and we always try to push results to the next level.

As on-set supervisors, we seek to be in-line with your project starting with pre-production. We help to find an approach that saves precious time on-set, allows top quality in post, and doesn't limit the creative freedom of the director, DP, or actors.

Above everything else, we love meeting passionate people and creating new exciting work together!


Jonah West

Director / VFX Supervisor

Jonah's extensive fine art training and experience as a compositor and matte painter have helped to accomplish extraordinary results at LightRay. After graduating from the Langley Fine Arts school, Jonah received a scholarship to attend the San Francisco Art Institute, then completed a visual effects diploma at VanArts. During his three years working at Vancouver based, Anthem FX, he was nominated for a Visual Effects Society Award for his matte painting work on Tin Man in 2007.

Poshin Wang

VFX producer / General manager

After completing her Bachelor of Fine Arts at National Kaohsiung Normal University and the Lost Boys Learning visual effects program, Poshin started her career as a matte painter at Vancouver in 2007. In her role as our General Manager at LightRay FX, she helps every project to go smooth, efficient, on-time and under budget.