High Flash visual effect breakdown

High Flash

High Flash is a Taiwanese suspense film, with over 100 visual effects shots. LightRay's team was involved right from pre-production to help plan and shoot the opening riot scene of the film. This scene took 4 days to shoot, and required over 100 background actors, an entire CGI factory background replacement, a boat with cg fire, and many fireworks, smoke and cg fish elements.

We were so grateful to the production crew for accommodating our requests and shooting the visual effects plates in a way that achieved the best quality results. In post, LightRay's team worked intensely for 4 months to complete all the shots. In the end the end, everyone was very impressed by the scene, and many people had no idea visual effects were used.


Ching Shen Chuang

Visual Effects:

LightRay FX